'Springy Thingy' for LX200-GPS, LX200, LX90, LX50, LX10

From the MAPUG Archives, the Springy Thingy provides assistance
in mounting Meade telescopes on the standard and giant field tripods.

Setting a heavy telescope base on the tripod head and getting the
mounting bolt aligned for insertion can be difficult at times, since
there is no reference for exactly where to set the telescope base to
center the mounting bolt in its hole. Even worse, the weight of the
telescope on a protruding bolt can dent and mar the cover on the
underside of the base during the ordeal of mounting the scope.

Even when a mounting plate with alignment posts is used, the Springy
Thingy keeps the spreader bar and mounting bolt in a known position
and ready to tighten. The springs hold the mounting bolt up, but
allow it to be pushed down by the telescope base until it is centered.

All stainless steel hardware, zinc plated springs. With instructions
and allen wrench.

$00.00 - #TBST - No Longer Available - Springy Thingy for LX200-GPS, LX200, LX90, LX50, LX10 tripods

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