Optically Clear Red Acrylic Sheet 1/8" Thick
Up To 17.5 x 11.5 inches

This red acrylic is laser cut from 1/8" thick sheet, with smooth
edges and slightly radiused corners. 1/8" thickness provides better
screen brightenss than thinner types. The simple flat rigid sheets
are easily stored in your laptop case or book bag. Four black elastic
retention devices (rubber bands) are supplied to hold the sheet
in place on computer screens. These ERDs are durable and don't
die quickly like office gum rubber bands. Additional ERDs are
available below.

Sizes listed are the actual red sheet size, not the computer display
size. We recommend using a size that is slightly larger than the
actual computer display screen.

Maximum size is 17.5 x 11.5 inches. Please email for custom sizes
not listed here.

Laptops can not be closed with the red sheet in place!

Touch screens may not function with the red sheet in place!

Repeated cleaning with ammonia based cleaners will cause
dulling or crazing of acrylic. Novus #1 cleaner is below, cleans
and shines plastics, anti-fog, anti-static.

Acrylic sheets are custom cut per order and are therefore not
eligible for refund unless the item is defective. Exchanges for
returns are available, customer pays any price difference and
our shipping cost for the exchange sheet.

$24.00 each - #R808 - Red Acrylic Sheet 8-10 inches, 1/8" Thick
$28.00 each - #R810 - Red Acrylic Sheet 10.5-13.5 inches, 1/8" Thick
$38.00 each - #R814 - Red Acrylic Sheet 14-17 inches, 1/8" Thick
$3.00 - #RERD - Four Extra Black Elastic Retention Devices (Rubber Bands) ESD Rated
$7.00 - #NOV1 - Novus #1 Cleaner for Plastic Surfaces, 2 oz Bottle, pictured below
$7.00 - #PRISHIP - Priority Shipping Adder for Domestic Shipping

Prices include shipping in the USA!

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