Antares Variable Attenuation Moon Filter / Polarizing
Filters, 1.25" and 2"

These filters consists of two joined polarized filters that
provide continuously variable light transmission from about
2% to 40% as the rotating filter is adjusted. Great for lunar
viewing without ruining your dark adaptation from staring
at a bright image. Adjusting the filter brings out the best
contrast in the area of interest. Standard filter threads
screw onto 1.25" eyepieces.

But wait, there's more! The two sections of the filter can be
unscrewed, and now you have two separate polarizing filters.
Polarizing filters can be used to increase contrast in some
images, and can be especially useful for daytime photography.

A cool way to use the filters for lunar viewing: Screwed one
of the two sections onto your 1.25" diagonal nosepiece, and
screw the other section onto your 1.25" eyepiece. Now the
attenuation can be adjusted by rotating the eyepiece. No need
to remove the eyepiece to adjust the filter!

NOT for solar viewing!

$24.00 - #MOON - 1.25" Variable Moon Filter / Polarizing Filters
$86.00 - #MOO2 - 2" Variable Moon Filter / Polarizing Filters

Prices include shipping in the USA!

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