External Switches for #LAS5 Green Lasers

Does NOT fit other model laser pointers!

These cable assemblies replace the battery cap on our #LAS5
Green Laser Pointer and provide an external control. Bat handle toggle
switch is off in the center, momentary on one way, and continuous on
the other way. Positive action pendant switch operates easily with one
hand. For use with lasers in finder mounts and alignment setups. Comes
with an elastic ring to hold the laser's momentary button on.

Does NOT fit our #LAS4 or other model laser pointers!

$00.00 - #LASU - No Longer Available - Short External Toggle Switch for #LAS5
$00.00 - #LASV - No Longer Available - 1 Meter Long External Toggle Switch for #LAS5

Prices include shipping in the USA!
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