Antares .5x and .7x Focal Reducers in 2" Filter Format

For larger format imaging, these reducers screws into your CCD camera
nosepiece, eyepiece, or any barrel or adapter that accepts 2" filters.
Reduction varies depending on placement in the system. Fully coated
optics, black anodized aluminum ring. Has male 2" male and female M48
filter threads. Made in Canada.

Filter thread barrel extensions can be used as spacers to adjust the distance
between the focal reducer and imaging chip. Exension sold separately, not
included with reducer.

$34.00 - #FR25 - Antares .5x Focal Reducer in 2" Filter Format
$89.00 - #FR27 - Antares .7x Focal Reducer in 2" Filter Format

$24.00 - #EPE2 - Filter Thread 2" Eyepiece Barrel Extension, 1" Long

Prices include shipping in the USA!

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