Dovetail Shoe Upgrade for EQ3 Type Mounts

Some equatorial mounts don't use dovetail bars but have tabs that
mounting rings attach directly to. Our #EQ3D upgrades those mounts
to accept standard Orion/Synta/Vixen type dovetail bars, and
provides a sturdy interface for the dovetail.

The upgrade kit works for EQ3 type mounts with 5-7/8" spaced
mounting holes. See the picture further below for an example of
the EQ3 type mount. The holes in the mount tabs may have to be
enlarged a bit by drilling or reaming to allow the upgrade bar
to fit properly.

The upgrade kit includes the bar with the dovetail shoe attached,
and all of the stainless steel hardware to attach it to an EQ3 type

A 7/16" or adjustable wrench and a 3/16" allen wrench are needed
for installation, as well as a drill or reamer to slightly enlarge the
holes in some mounts. Light oil should be added to the mounting
bolt threads to prevent binding of the provided lock nuts.

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EQD3 Kit. Click to enlarge image:

The EQ3D upgrade works for mounts like this:

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