Shorty Collimation Thumbscrews for LX90
and 8" f10 LX200-GPS, LX200, LX10, LX50, SC8

This set of collimation thumbscrews has lower profile knurled caps
than the standard Collimation Thumbscrews. The cap is 0.050"
thinner than standard collimation thumbscrews, allowing use of
flat rigid dew caps, filters or masks with less interference. Includes
installation instructions and an allen wrench to remove the
original screws.

If your 8" has the original three screw secondary holder shown below,
order #CS9SA. If it has the newer six screw secondary holder, order

$00.00 - OUT OF STOCK - #CS9SA - Collimation Thumbscrews for 8" LX90, 8" LX200-GPS, 8" LX200 and SC8 with Three Screw Secondary Holder
$16.00 - #CS9SB - Collimation Thumbscrews for 8" LX90, 8" LX200 and SC8 with Six Screw Secondary Holder

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