Adhesive Backed PTFE Tape

Perfect for focuser drawtube glides, this slick surface tape replaces
the worn tape or overlays the original plastic glides. Restores and
improves the feel of the focuser. 3M PTFE PTFE tape with silicone
adhesive backing, 3.8 mil (0.09mm) thick. Three 3/4" x 4" strips on
paper backing. More information below.

$0.00 - #TEFT - No Longer Available - PTFE Tape, Adhesive Backed, three 4" x 3/4" Strips

Prices include shipping in the USA! - - - - ($10.00 minimum order)

Ordering Information

Application Information:

The thin tape can be difficult to handle and to remove from the backing,
so plan ahead when applying! Clean the surface to be taped with alchohol
and let it dry completely. Any grease on the focuser drawtube or glides
must be removed completely or the tape will not stick. Also wash your
hands to prevent contamination of the adhesive. Applying the tape can be
a three handed operation, so have a helper (with clean hands) available
to lend a finger and to blame if you mess up.

If the tape is to be applied over existing glides or tape, the new tape
should be a bit larger so all of the edges slightly overlap the original

The tape may stretch and curl when removing it from the backing paper,
so peel it off slowly. Allow the tape to rest for a minute after peeling it
in order for it to relax to the original size. Don't use the corner of the tape
where you started peeling it from the backing, as that corner is likely to be
stretched and contaminated by your fingernail.

Once the tape is in place, burnish it down with a piece of the backing
paper shiny side. Replace the drawtube, adjust the tensioners, and enjoy
the feel of the focuser!

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