StarFinder Mount Laser Finder Mounts

#SFM1 Starfinder Mount with Base Rail

The StarFinder Mount is the third generation in finder devices.
To aim your telescope at an object, simply press the laser button
and move the telescope until the beam points to the target.
Bingo, your scope is aimed right where the laser points! When
mounted on a GOTO scope, the Starfinder shows exactly where
the scope is pointed. When someone asks "where are you looking?"
the answer is available at the push of a button!

The StarFinder Mount attaches to your telescope and securely
holds your laser pointer. Adjustment screws precisely align
the laser for pinpoint aiming, and the laser's power button is
accessable for easy operation. Durable lexan tube, low profile
design and extended dew shield keep your laser pointer secure
and out of harm's way. The mount is even sturdy enough to use
as a handle for aiming your Dob.

The new current version has an inside diameter of 1", increased
from 3/4" in the old version.

Mounts on your telescope with the supplied 3M VHB adhesive
tape, or with supplied 8-32 hardware, has a 1/4-20 tripod mounting
hole, and also mounts on ScopeStuff universal mounting rails.

The StarFinder Mount is removable from it's base for storage or
for use on multiple scopes, and extra universal bases are available.
Works with green laser pointers less than 3/4" in diameter.
(Laser pointer and telescope not included.)

#SFM2 is a Starfinder Mount with base rail and dovetail block
that fits Synta/Orion type dovetails. Instantly attaches the laser
finder to your scope.

#SFSD is an extra Starfinder Mount base rail and dovetail block
that fits Synta/Orion type dovetails.

#SFTP is an adapter plate that allows the Starfinder Mount to use
a Telrad base, for quick installation and removal. The Starfinder
Mount base attaches to the plate with supplied hardware, see picture
below. Starfinder Mount and laser not included!

$42.00 - #SFM1 - StarFinder Laser Finder Mount with Base Rail
$51.00 - #SFM2 - StarFinder Laser Finder Mount with Dovetail for Synta/Orion Finder Bases - Regularly $54.00
$10.00 - #SFB1 - Extra Base Rail for Starfinder Mount
$19.00 - #SFSD - Extra Base Rail with Dovetail for Synta/Orion Finder Bases (laser and mount not included)
$15.00 - #SFTP - Adapter Plate for Telrad Base (Telrad base, laser and mount not included)
$10.00 - #TELB - Telrad Mounting Base only
$22.00 - #RDPB - Orion/Synta Type Finder Mounting base, 0.785" (20mm) Hole Spacing - More Information
$26.00 - #RDPS - Orion/Synta Type Finder Mounting base for SCTs, Hole Spacing up to 1.5"

Prices include shipping in the USA!

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StarFinder™ Green Laser Pointer is here

#SFTP - Telrad Base Adapter Plate - Click to enlarge

#SFM2 - Starfinder Mount with Base Rail and Dovetail for Synta/Orion Finder Bases

Mounted on a universal rail on a Dob

Actual night photo

An interesting use for #SFSD - Thanks Louis!

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