PowerBright Technologies ML3500-24 Inverter

We don't sell PowerBright inverters, but be careful who you buy
PowerBright products from!

I bought a PowerBright Technologies ML3500-24 inverter from an
Ebay store seller who had many of them available, and had great
feedback and lots of sales. After about 6 months of use, the inverter

I contacted PowerBright to try to get the 1 year warranty honored,
and the tech support guy politely asked some questions and said he
would send me an email with instructions. I answered the questions,
supplied proof of purchase, then got a reply saying that they can not
honor the warranty since it was probably sold as a used item. I had
told the tech support guy that the inverter was new in the sealed box,
but that doesn't matter.

They offered to repair it, if it is repairable, and I would pay shipping
both directions and the repair cost. Given the poor quality of the unit
and lack of support I will find another brand to buy.

Attempts to contact the seller thru Ebay's system failed to get any

There is a bit of humor though... The label on the inverter says
"Designed for Military Applications"! It is green, but nothing about
it is anywhere close to military quality.

AIMS Power sells on Ebay and has a direct web store, and the
quality of their products is far beyond the cheaply built PowerBright
stuff. Their 2500 watt 24V MSW inverter is solidly built, handles full
load just fine, has nicer controls and indicators, and the price per
watt is much better than the PowerBright inverters. The AIMS
solar charge controllers are well built from modern designs. Plus
they have people that know their products and can discuss them
intelligently! http://www.aimscorp.net

Since the PowerBright inverter is useless, I opened it to see if I
might be able to repair it. The first thing I noticed was that the
120VAC safety ground wire was not connected, the wire was just
hanging loose inside. The fuses were fine but several traces on
the circuit board were burnt up, not expected for a 3500 watt
inverter that never saw over 1000 watts of load. I bet it will be
great for target practice though!

Our remote observatory site doesn't have power available so we
depend on solar panels, batteries and reliable inverters for power.