LX200 10" and 12" Mirror Stabilizer/Lock

Based on designs in the MAPUG archives, we believe from
Chris Vedeler originally.

This device screws into the mirror lock hole, and adjustable
spring pressure applies torque to the primary mirror cell to
help stabilize the mirror. This reduces mirror shift while
focusing and speeds up focuser response, and doesn't need
adjustment every time you focus. When tightened down, the
mirror is 'locked' for using a secondary focuser, for astro-
photography, or for shipping. Fight the dreaded 'mirror flop'
when crossing the zenith! Stainless steel and machined delrin
components. Can not be used with Fine Focus Knob installed.

$00.00 - #MSTA - Currently unavailable - 10" & 12" LX200 Mirror Stabilizer/Lock

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