Collimation Thumbscrews for LX200-GPS

This set of three thumbscrews replaces the allen-wrench type
collimation screws to make adjustment easier, using no tools.
Easier operation means you will be more likely to make fine
collimation adjustments that will yield optimum viewing.
No more fumbling in the dark with a wrench that could slip and
scratch the corrector plate. Low profile knurled caps fit under
cap, masks and solar filters. Includes installation instructions
and an allen wrench to remove the original screws.

$16.00 - #CS9S - Collimation thumbscrews for 8" f10 LX200-GPS
$16.00 - #CS10A - Collimation thumbscrews for 10" f10 LX200-GPS
$16.00 - #CS12 - Collimation thumbscrews for 12" f10 LX200-GPS

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Screw Replacement Instructions

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