EbonyStar Laminate Strips

This EbonyStar laminate (Formica) has a textured surface that works
very well with PTFE to provide a low friction bearing surface. Great
for Dobsonian altitude bearings. 0.045" thick, dark grey and white
mottled color. Easily cut by scribe and snap method, edges can be
cleaned up with a fine file or sandpaper. Adhere with contact cement.
PTFE strips sold separately, see below.

The strips are straight enough that strips can be adhered side-by-side
and the seam is not a concern.
1.5" width can be assembled with two 3/4" strips.
2" width can be assembled with two 1" strips.
1.75" width can be assembled with 1" and 3/4" strips.

$21.00 - #LE34 - EbonyStar #4552-50 Laminate Strip, 3/4" x 48"
$27.00 - #LE14 - EbonyStar #4552-50 Laminate Strip, 1" x 48"

Prices include shipping in the USA! ($10.00 Minimum Order)

Ordering Information

It has been suggested that we are passing EbonyStar 4552-90 off as 4552-50.
We sell only Wilsonart 4552-50 and have plenty in stock! (Click to enlarge)

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