StarFinder™ Green Laser Pointers with Push-Push Switch

This <5mw green laser has a push-push on-off switch in the end
of the battery cap instead of the momentary button on the side,
making them great for use with the StarFinder Mount™ and
other continuous-on applications. We recommend the momentary
button laser #LAS5 for hand held pointing.

The dramatically bright green beam extends thousands of feet
into the night sky. Great for presentations, the beam is easily
visible to people within several yards of the pointer, projecting
a vivid green line to the astronomical feature in the sky.
Actual Night Photo

Constructed of thick metal tubing, with a guaranteed output
power of 3 to 5 milliwatts at 532nm, Class IIIa, the most
powerful class pointer allowed by the FDA. Continuous wave,
linear polarization, 1.2 mRad beam divergence, glass lens,
black finish. Comes with two AAA alkaline cells and a hinged
case. Also works with lithium batteries. 6 month warranty
against defects.

Every laser we sell is individually tested with a commercial laser
power meter to ensure output power and operation!

This model DOES NOT work with our #LASU, #LASV, and #LASP
external devices! Works with #SFM1 Starfinder Mount.

$00.00 - #LAS4 - Temporarily out of Stock - Black body StarFinder™ <5mw Green Laser Pointer With Push-Push Switch and Case
$00.00 - #LAS3 - Temporarily out of Stock - Silver body StarFinder™ 5mw Green Laser Pointer With Push-Push Switch and Case

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Safe Use of Laser Pointers:
Laser pointers are not toys and should be used only by adults
in controlled situations. Never aim a laser pointer at anything
other than the sky, and be sure there are no aircraft in the area.
Misuse of laser pointers can result in prosecution by federal,
state and local authorities.

StarFinder Mount™ Laser Finder Mount is here

How does a green laser pointer work?
(Or: Why are they more expensive than red laser pointers?)

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