PC Bluetooth Setup for Wireless Serial Connection

The ScopeStuff Bluetooth wireless adapter is 'plug and play' at the telescope
end of the connection, but the controlling PC may require configuration to
start Bluetooth wireless operation. Systems and drivers differ, and the
configuration may be largely automatic or may require manual setting. The
initial configuration may be daunting if you aren't familiar with such stuff, but
it's not difficult. In most cases the connection can be restablished easily when
the computer and scope are restarted.

Ensure that the controlling PC has internal bluetooth or a USB Bluetooth
dongle installed and configured. You can refer to the PC manual or invoice
to determine if the PC has an internal Bluetooth adapter, you can also verify
on Windows with the steps below. If the PC doesn't have internal Bluetooth,
an external USB Bluetooth dongle should be plugged into a USB port on the
PC, and the USB Bluetooth dongle CD should be run per the supplied instructions
to load the proper drivers and application software for the dongle.

Windows XP:
Click: Start, Settings, Control Panel, System, select the hardware tab, click the
Device Manager button. Under "Network Adapters" you should find an entry
like "Bluetooth PAN Network Adapter", and under "Ports" you should find a
series of "Bluetooth Serial Ports" listed. This verifies that the PC has
Bluetooth functionality.

Now plug your 12 volt power supply into the wireless adapter, but don't
connect it to the telescope yet. There is a red power status LED and a blue
link status led, which are covered by the two plastic screws. Under dark
conditions the LEDs are quite visible thru the screws, but the screws can be
removed to see the LEDs directly. The red LED should blink a few times
when power is applied and then remain on. The blue LED blinks to show that
it is discoverable and ready to connect. The blue LED is on solidly when
a link is established.

Locate and run the Bluetooth control panel or application software on your PC.
You may have to manually initialize the link between the PC and the wireless
adapter the first time, but the PC application software should reinitialize
automatically when it is restarted.

The PC Bluetooth application software goes thru several phases to establish
the wireless connection: Bluetooth device discovery, Bluetooth service
discovery, device pairing, and serial port service connection. Some versions
of software require manual operation the first time, other versions may
complete the connection automatically. When prompted for the device PIN
or pass key, enter the 4 digit number from the sticker on the wireless adapter.
This ensures that your computer will be the only one connecting to your scope.

When the connection has been established between the PC and ScopeStuff
wireless adapter, the blue LED on the wireless adapter will be on steady.
On your PC Bluetooth control panel or application software, the ScopeStuff
wireless adapter should be listed as "ScopeStuff XX", and the serial or COM
port number should be listed in the device properties. The Com port number
should be between COM5 and COM15. Hint: If you plug a USB bluetooth dongle
into a different USB connector on the same computer, the COM port
assignment will probably be changed!

Now plug the ScopeStuff wireless adapter data cable into the RS232 connector
on the scope, and turn on the scope. Some scopes have to be set to a "remote
control" mode. Start your astronomy planetarium or control application on the
PC. You will have to set the telescope type and COM port you discovered in the
PC Bluetooth device properties. The baud rate should be set to 9600. The
astronomy software can now connect to the scope!

Telescope details:

#JEM1 for Meade LX200 ACF, LX200 GPS & Classic, RCX400:
* Bluetooth device name is "ScopeStuff M1"
* Wireless adapter cables plug into scope base "RS232" and "power" connectors
* Baud rate is 9600,N,8,1

#JEC1 for Celestron:
* Bluetooth device name is "ScopeStuff C1"
* Wireless adapter data cable plugs into hand controller "RS232" connector
* Wireless adapter power cable plugs into scope base "power" connector
* Remove internal batteries from scope before connecting external power!
* Scope must be aligned before connection (fake alignment works)
* Hand controller must be in "RS232" mode
* Hand controller has limited function when connected to PC
* Baud rate is 9600,N,8,1

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