Get-A-Gripô Ergonomic Handles for LX200's and RCX400's

Another great Peterson Engineering innovation! The rugged Get-A-Grip
handles were specifically designed for Meade's 12" and 14" LX200GPS
telescopes, and they work great on the new RCX400 models. Can also
be installed on the smaller LX200GPS scopes as well as the LX200
Classics. The large diameter grip area is optimally angled to match
the natural bend in the arm and wrist, whether lifting the scope from
the floor, carrying it across a field, or mounting it on a tall equatorial

Cast from solid aluminum with a durable black finish, these handles
replace the handles provided on the front fork of Meade's 12" and 14"
SCTs. In addition to a pair of ergonomic handles we provide detailed
photo-illustrated installation instructions, mounting hardware, and
hex wrenches.

The grips install on the RXC400's and LX200-GPS 12" and 14" using the
existing handle holes.

To accommodate the 7", 8" and 10" LX200 scopes we provide a drill bit
and 2 paper templates that you tape onto the front of your fork arms to
accurately mark the spots where 4 mounting holes must be drilled.

Pete's 12" SCT shown

$00.00 - #GRIP - No Longer Available - Get-A-Gripô Ergonomic Handles (1 pair)

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