Filter and Barrel Wrenches

These wrenches grip filters and barrels better than fingers can
and have the leverage to remove stuck or stubborn ones. We don't
recommend tightening filters with wrenches as you can really get
them stuck! Made from black ABS, 3/16" thick, won't scratch your
toys. Filters not included.

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$22.00 - #FWR3 - Set of Three Filter Wrenches, 1.25", 1.7" and 2"
$9.00 each - #FWR1 - 1.25" Filter Wrench
$9.00 each - #FWR7 - 1.7" Filter Wrench
$9.00 each - #FWR2 - 2" Filter Wrench

Prices include shipping in the USA! ($10.00 minimum order)

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