Dew-Not Dew Remover Heaters, Controllers and Power Sources

The Dew-Not Dew Removers are heater strips designed for use in
12 volt systems. The heater wraps around the telescope tube and
secures with a Velcro tab. The outer surface of the heater strip is
insulated to direct the heat into the telescope, reducing waste of
your battery juice. With or without a dew shield, the Dew-Not
heater lets you view when unheated scopes are foggy!

Using polymer thick film resistive heater technology, sixty-six percent
of the surface area is heat emitting, meaning even heat distribution
and no localized hot spots or burnouts. Because of the increased
contact area with the scope, Dew-Nots provide more heating with
less wattage.

Each heater has a six foot cable with a phono-plug connector that
fits the popular controllers from Kendrick, Dew Buster, etc, and can
also be powered directly from a 12 volt power source with our
optional cigarette lighter adapter. The Dew-Not's flexibility allows
it to be used on scopes along with dew shields and rail systems.

Dew-Not is available for all popular sized telescopes and custom
sizes are available upon request. Measure the diameter of your
telescope to choose the right size heater. For in between sizes,
err on the long side as the heater can overlap itself and work
normally. Specs at bottom of this page.

#DN16 is a heater patch for hand controllers like the Meade Autostar
and Celestron controller. The 3-1/4 watt heater in contact with the
back of the controller keeps it warm so the LCD display doesn't
become sluggish or frost up. Best used with the SmartCases for
Meade or Celestron, but can also be held on with user supplied
Elastomeric Retention Devices. (Rubber Bands) More information
is Here.

#DN18 is a heated Telrad Dew Shield, when flipped down it shields the
telrad glass fron dew and heats it! Telrad not included.

#DN19 is a tandem heater set with a single 6 ft wire, for big binocular
objectves up to 3.3" or 110mm outside diameter. Also has a short
female power jack for connecting #DN17 eyepiece heaters.

The #DNCP Fused Cigarette Lighter Plug Adapter provides an easy
solution for simple installations, replacing expensive controllers.
It comes with a 5 amp replacable 3AG type fuse, which will support
all of the heaters listed below. Six ft long, and includes a Y cable to
support two dew heaters. Also works with other brand dew heaters.

The #DNCR is a low cost adjustable controller for powering Dew-Not
dew removers, providing 5 power settings, with connectors for 2
Dew-Not dew removers. More information is Here!

$22.00 - #DN01 - Dew-Not Dew Remover for 0.965 inch and finder scopes
$24.00 - #DN02 - Dew-Not Dew Remover for 1.25 inch eyepieces
$26.00 - #DN03 - Dew-Not Dew Remover for 2 inch eyepieces
$27.00 - #DN04 - Dew-Not Dew Remover for 3" Diameter Scopes
$33.00 - #DN05 - Dew-Not Dew Remover for 4" Diameter Scopes
$35.00 - #DN06 - Dew-Not Dew Remover for 5" Diameter Scopes
$39.00 - #DN07 - Dew-Not Dew Remover for 6" Diameter Scopes
$42.00 - #DN08 - Dew-Not Dew Remover for 7" Diameter Scopes
$45.00 - #DN09 - Dew-Not Dew Remover for 8" Diameter Scopes
$49.00 - #DN10 - Dew-Not Dew Remover for 9" Diameter Scopes
$51.00 - #DN11 - Dew-Not Dew Remover for 10" Diameter Scopes
$53.00 - #DN12 - Dew-Not Dew Remover for 11" Diameter Scopes
$55.00 - #DN13 - Dew-Not Dew Remover for 12" Diameter Scopes
$56.00 - #DN14 - Dew-Not Dew Remover for 14" Diameter Scopes
$63.00 - #DN15 - Dew-Not Dew Remover for 16" Diameter Scopes
$48.00 - #DN16 - Dew-Not Dew Heater for Autostar and Celestron Controllers - Information is Here!
$59.00 - #DN17 - Dew-Not Dew Remover Tandem for Binoviewer Eyepieces
$72.00 - #DN19 - Dew-Not Dew Heater for Binoculars up to 10.5" Circumference
$39.00 - #DN18 - Heated Telrad Dew Shield - Telrad not included!
$00.00 - #TELH - No Longer Available - Telrad Anti Dew Heater - Information is Here!
$34.00 - #LASH - Heater for Green Laser Pointers - Information is Here!
$32.00 - #DNRQ - Rigel Quickfinder Anti Dew Heater - Information is Here!
$129.00 - #DNHC - Dew-Not 2 Channel Controller - New model - More Information is Here! -
$19.00 - #DNCP - Fused Cigarette Lighter Plug Adapter for Dew-Not Dew Removers, 6 ft long.
$5.00 - #DNYC - Dew Heater Y Cable, RCA Male and Two RCA Female Connectors
$15.00 - #DNX4 - Dew Heater Extension Cable - 4 Feet Long, RCA-F to RCA-M - Information is Here!
$17.00 - #DNX6 - Dew Heater Extension Cable - 6 Feet Long, RCA-F to RCA-M - Information is Here!
$18.00 - #DNX8 - Dew Heater Extension Cable - 8 Feet Long, RCA-F to RCA-M - Information is Here!
$36.00 - #PS13 - Power Supply for Dew Heaters, 120VAC input, 12.5VDC output - Shipped Priority - Information is Here!
$26.00 - #BLOW - 12 Volt Hot Air Blow Drier - Information is Here!

Prices include shipping in the USA!

Ordering Information

About our polymer thick film resistive heater technology:

Thick film heaters are the current technology used for resistive heating,
verses nickel-chromium (nichrome) resistive wire heating. Resistive wire
heating is used for very high temperatures like portable space heaters, but
it's not particularly well suited for dew heaters. Thick film heaters are also
used for high temperatures, and the same technology is used for residential
and commercial electric strip space heaters, industrial process heating, etc.

The wattage rating of Dew-Not heaters is not limited by the technology or
construction, as much higher temperatures could be achieved if needed.
The large heated surface area of Dew-Not heaters allows more efficient
heat transfer than a single resistive wire element, thereby decreasing the
power needed to cause the same temperature rise in the telescope.

Dew-Not heater strips are made by basically printing a pattern of resistive
goop on a high temperature plastic substrate. When the goop cures and
hardens, a second plastic sheet is laminated on top, making a sandwich
with the thick film heating element inside. Heat transfer thru the plastic
substrate is efficient and well distributed, with the majority of the surface
transferring heat into the telescope tube. The construction of Dew-Not
heater strips protects the actual heating material, allowing them to be
flexed without concern. The power cable conductors are machine crimped
to the heating material and mechanically terminated to provide a durable,
flexible interface. The robust construction makes a heater that does not
"burn out" over time like resistive wire heaters.

A competitive heater manufacturer made a significant effort to disparage
Dew-Not heaters, with potentially impressive thermographs, describing
them as "thin film" and as not being designed for dew heating. Dew-Not
thick film heater strips were in fact designed specifically for telescope dew
control, and their performance shows it! That competetor now sells a line
of dew heaters using the exact same heater technology as Dew-Not heaters.
Perhaps it's not such a bad idea after all?

Not one Dew-Not heater has ever been returned due to "burn out" of the
heating material or cabling. Returns have all been due to the wires being
cut, or pulled out from the connector or the heater strip. Damage like that
takes significant effort and is most likely due to wires being tangled in a
slewing telescope, which can pull pretty hard or pinch wiring to the point
of destruction.

ScopeStuff warrants Dew-Not heaters for life to the original purchaser!

Dew-Not 2 Channel Controller for Dew Heaters

Astrozap Flexi-Heat Dew Shields are Here!

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