Female RCA to Male 5.5x2.5 Power Plug Adapter Cable

This adapter connects your dew heater or heated dew shield (with male
RCA plug) to 12 volt DC power sources and controllers that accept 2.5mm
barrel type 12 volt power plugs.

Warning: Connecting a dew heater or heated dew shield to power sources
that can deliver voltages higher than 12 volts can FRY the heaters! Dew
heater warranties to not cover heaters that were damaged due to
operating at greater than 12 volts!

If your dew strap or heated dew shield is melted, fried, or burned, it is not
covered under warranty! Merchants accept no responsibility for heater
damage nor damage to other equipment, when the heater is operated at
elevated voltages!

There is good evidence that modern and "advanced" power tanks and
power distribution boxes can exceed 12 volts output. Dew heaters are
not designed to get very hot when connected to 12 volt power sources
and controllers. Monitor your equipment carefully when using dew heaters
connected to "advanced" type voltage sources!

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$9.00 - #DNA-2.5 - Adapter Cable, Female RCA to Male 5.5x2.5 Power Plug, 6 inches Long

Price includes shipping in the USA! ($10.00 minimum order)

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