Dual Finder Mounting Plate with Base Feet

For mounting two finders on a single finder shoe, this dual finder
mounting plate comes with a reversable bottom rail that has both
an Orion/Synta/Vixen type foot and an Antares type foot. The top
of the plate accepts either Orion/Synta/Vixen type shoes or Antares
type shoes at either end.

By reversing the base foot rail and/or the plate, the finders can be
shifted forward and back for balancing or preference. #DFMA weighs
.47 lbs, is 6" wide and the plate is 1/4" thick. Black anodized aluminum.
Comes with hardware for mounting either #RDPB or #FRQB shoes at
each end.

Click image to enlarge:

$49.00 - #DFMA - Dual Finder Mounting Plate with Base Feet
$14.00 - #RDPB - Orion/Synta Type Finder Mounting Shoe, 0.785" (20mm) Hole Spacing
$10.00 - #FRQB - Quick Mount Finder Scope Ring Base for Antares Type Finder Rings
$35.00 - #FRQ8 - Quick Mount Finder Scope Rings (1.3" hole spacing) With Shoe
$26.00 - #FROR - Quick Attach Finder Rings for Antares 50mm Finder Scopes, Shoe Not Included

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