Keyword Image Search using Google Search

Google's search engines offer a cool way to look for items on our web site,
but isn't perfect. We're experimenting with the search and hopefully it will
be useful.

Searching for "ring" and "rings" yields different results, and searching
for "dove" won't find dovetail bars, so you may have to try a couple of
variations to find things. I don't know how to enter wildcards yet.

Google search on our site can only find items that Google has indexed, so
newer items may not be found. If you don't see it, we still may have it!

The search may find items that are nowhere near what you may be looking
for, so you may have to hunt around more.

The search also brings up discontinued and other un-linked pages that we
haven't erased, so I have some housekeeping to do!

Why search for images? A "web" search of our pages may also bring up
paid sidebar ads and banner ads, even our competitor's ads! We don't to
send you directly to the other guys, but you can see the other format by
clicking on the "Web" link at the top of the Google search page.

Once you get to the search images at Google, further browsing our site
will still be thru Google and under their banner, which may be slower
than linking directly to ScopeStuff. Everything seems to work though.

Leaving our pages for searching may take you several links away from our
site, so you may have to go directly back to our home page if you get lost
in the web jungle. Hey, just make ScopeStuff your "home" page! ;=}

Finally, wanna see a bunch of pictures? Search for "a" without the quotes.

Thanks for looking!

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